Jason Fong Jian Sheng

Jason Fong Jian Sheng
Position Senior Independent  Non-Executive Director
Age 32
Nationality Malaysian
Qualification field Business & Corporate Management
Working experience & Occupation Mr. Jason Fong Jian Sheng (“Mr. Jason Fong”), obtained a degree from HELP University College, majoring in Marketing. He has more than ten years of vast experience in Malaysia’s capital markets and corporate consultancy industry.As the founding director of a well-known business consultancy firm in town, he has been influential in defining business landscape of the future for many public-listed companies on Bursa Malaysia, as well as helping them to reach their goals in more efficient ways.

He has handled many prominent clients from various sectors, ranging from information technology, property and construction, healthcare, consumer, transportation, oil & gas, trading and retail industry.

Mr. Jason Fong is actively involved in many major corporate exercises, including initial public offering (IPO) and merger & acquisition (M&A) activities, as well as fund raising activities, such as private placement and rights issue exercises.

Notably, he is also an expert in crisis management. Among the companies that he has assisted in crisis situations include public-listed companies and professional service firms.

With strong access to market information and a wide business network, he could always identify new business opportunities and potential investors, while maintaining good relationship with existing investors.

The strong rapport with Malaysian business media provides him an upper hand in enhancing the organisation and brand in the public eye.

Date of Appointment 11 January 2021
Date of Resignation N/A
Other directorships of public companies N/A
Membership of Board Committees Chairman of Nomination CommitteeMember of Audit Committee

Member of Remuneration Committee

Member of Risk Management  Committee

Family relationship with any director and / or major shareholder of XLH Nil
Conflict of interest with XLH, if any Nil
Convictions for offences within the past 10 years other than traffic offences Nil
Attendance at Board Meetings held during the financial year No. of meetings held No. of meetings attended