Ng Min Lin

Ng Min Lin
Position Executive Chairman and  Non-Independent Executive Director
Age 42
Nationality Malaysian
Qualification field Business Management
Working experience & Occupation Mr. Ng Min Lin is the Executive Chairman of MAG Holdings Berhad, which is involved in aquaculture for the last three years and also currently involved in edible oil business. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of North Cube Group of companies, which are involved in aquaculture, food processing, export and retail of seafood product.Mr. Ng spent his early years as an audit associate with KPMG, Penang. Subsequently, he ventured into the corporate world when he became the Corporate Development Manager of a company that manufactures and franchises water vending machines.A year later, he was promoted to Group Finance Director, when the company concerned got listed on the PLUS Market (now known as Icap Securities and Derivatives Exchange) in the United Kingdom.

As he looked for greener pastures, Mr. Ng established Esabee Biotika Sdn Bhd (EBSB), a multi-level marketing company which specializes in microalgae. He was the Chief Executive Officer of this company until his resignation in themid-2011.

Mr. Ng had also invested into companies involved in sectors such as mining, agriculture, and energy. His involvement in these sectors had gained him vast experience in the corporate world.

Date of Appointment 11 January 2021
Date of Resignation N/A
Other directorships of public companies MAG Holdings Berhad
Membership of Board Committees Member of Remuneration Committee
Family relationship with any director and / or major shareholder of XLH Nil
Conflict of interest with XLH, if any Nil
Convictions for offences within the past 10 years other than traffic offences Nil
Attendance at Board Meetings held during the financial year No. of meetings held No. of meetings attended